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Do You Know Red Kiwifruit?
Apr 24, 2017

red kiwifruitred kiwifruit

Red Kiwi Fruit originated in China,red kiwi only produced in China,There has two kinds of red kiwi fruit in China,’Dong Hong’ and ‘Hong Yang’.

Dong Hong’ (Patented variety): Grown in the Yangtze River basin. Cylindrical fruit, yellow flesh with red core, the inner surface of the skin is a noticeablered colour, strong fragrant flavor.

“HongYang”: yellow flesh and redcentre with radiating red streaks. The flavor is sweet and refreshing.

The red-ringed varieties were found to contain powerful anthocyanins that help fight free radicals and delay cellular aging.

Indeed they are even better than the yellow flesh kiwi fruits! More sweet, juicy, softer, less astringent, with a nice strawberry flavour as well.

Qifeng red kiwi fruit,Hong Yang (August to December, Sichuan/shaanxi Province)

 fine texture,juicy, high quality, palatable.

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