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Focusing On Kiwis For 20 Years, The Biggest Dream Is To Make Chinese Kiwifruit Go To The World
Jul 05, 2017


On June 30, qifeng fruit industry the leading enterprises in the shaanxi , Qifeng fruit company is holding the 20th anniversary gala at the kiwi fruit base in meixian county, invite government leaders, employees, partners to review development course, looking forward to the future development.


Focusing on kiwis for 20 years, the biggest dream is to make Chinese kiwifruit go to the world

Shaanxi Qifeng Industry Fruit Co., Ltd was established in 2010 with registered capital RMB 3,000,0000 Yuan,total assets around RMB 1,500,00000 Yuan, Shaanxi Qifeng Industry Fruit Co., Ltd has four subsidiaries: Mei County Qifeng Selenium Rich Kiwi Fruit Professional CooperativeShaanxi Wanguo Electronic Commerce co.Ltd,Shaanxi Information&Technology Services Company,Shaanxi Qifeng Qinling Impression Ecological farm.


Qifeng Fruit Industry operates by the management mode of Company+Cooperative+Base+Farme professionally engaging in Kiwi Production, Purchase, Storage, Packing, Marketing and whole industrialization chain and all round serving fruit farmers. The acquisition of  kiwifruit reach million tons every year.which is the biggest kiwifruit acquisition and seller in China.


Qifeng comercial (China market)

the qifeng kiwis are characterized by its excellent quality and tease.

Our commitment is to deliver top-quality fruit to the world, including our own country. Therefore, it is very important for us to develop Qifeng Comercial to handle our fruit in the China market, supplying supermarkets, wholesale customers.


Our headquarters are in Meixian county,Baoji City, Shaanxi province, where we also have a process plant devoted exclusively to Qifeng kiwi’s commercial operations. This has enabled us to stand out in the competitive local market, providing it with excellent quality fruit.


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