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Qifeng Fruit Industry Participated In The International Fruit And Vegetable Exhibition In Berlin, Germany
Feb 11, 2018

From February 7 to 9, 2018, qifeng Fruit Industry attended the international fruit and vegetable exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

The booth number of this Berlin exhibition is Hall:7.2a Stand: b-03.During the exhibition, qi feng has attracted the attention of many international businessmen and achieved many cooperation, such as the cooperation with the famous Spanish company Gruventada.This is the New Year's ceremony of qifeng kiwi fruit overseas business in 2018. In the future, it will be the mission of the company, Better Planting,Better Life, so that qifeng kiwi fruit will become a favorite on the international stage!


Qifeng kiwi fruit come from shaanxi

There are more than 30 countries in the world growing kiwi fruit, with an area of 5,475 million mu.Among them, the acreage of China's kiwi fruit is more than 3825,000 mu,Qi feng kiwi fruit, China's kiwi fruit industry chain leading brand.From the origin of the world kiwi fruit, shaanxi meixian county, north of the great qinling mountains, is one of the rare kiwi fruits planting place in the world. It is a big country with kiwi fruits and abundant resources.The international fruit and vegetable exhibition in Berlin, Germany, is an important milestone for qifeng fruit industry to enter the European market.


Qifeng kiwi USES the technology of preservation of Germany, France, maf-norda sorting technology, and the labeling techniques, make 400 tons of sorting a day of modern production line, ensure every kiwi fruit in one box weight difference less than 10 grams, has a strict control in weight and the standard of sugar,this is qifeng fruit industry adhere to the standardization planting, provide international standard of kiwi fruit source control.

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