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General Manager Qi Feng And His Party Inspect The Base Of Kiwi In Hanzhong
Apr 26, 2017


Qi Feng fruit industry in Shaanxi Hanzhong expanded of 1,000 acres of kiwi base this year,on  April 26, Qi Feng fruit general manager Qifeng and his party came to Hanzhong base inspection base management and nursery situation.

Kiwi fruit tree roots are fleshy roots, root system developed and capillary root is very much, so for the cultivation of kiwi soil have certain requirements. loose breathable soil is the best choice, The soil is easy for the roots to breathe; the other side of the sticky soil is hinder the growth of roots.


Hanzhong is located in the north-south climate transition zone, north of Qinling, south of Bashan, Hanjiang river runs through it, the climate is humid, abundant rainfall, rich in light and heat resources, the soil is neutral and slightly acidic, very conducive to the growth and development of kiwi fruit, The average annual temperature of Hanzhong basin is 14.2-14.6 ℃, the effective accumulated temperature is 4422-4568 ℃, the annual precipitation is 800-1000mm, the frost-free period is 218-138d, the soil texture is good, the groundwater level is low, rich in phosphorus, potassium and natural fertility , With good water retention, fertilizer ability, is very suitable for the production of high quality kiwi fruit.

Walking in the loose soil, feel the sand of the delicate; look at the steady flow of the river, let us grow in the future here is full of kiwi infinite vision. Although the park is now the beginning of the building, there are three or four years from the results of the time, but I believe that such a good soil and our hard work, then will be able to harvest the delicious kiwi. Do you expect Qi Feng Hanzhong orchard kiwi?

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