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Qifeng Fruit Industry Double Eleven Net Sales Turnover Over 8 Million
Nov 12, 2017

Since the end of October, we have been busy preparing for the "double eleven".And the success of the world kiwi fruit conference in the east wind, meixian specialty "fire" again in the Internet , especially the kiwi fruit.In this year's double 11 festival, we have a new record in the transaction volume of e-commerce in the online platform of qifeng fruit industry.


The first kiwi double 11 carnival was successfully concluded on November 12, 2017, and qifeng fruit industry broke the historic record once again , with a total sales of 8.35 million yuan at 12:00 am, breaking the historic record.


Qifeng fruit industry started to develop e-commerce market in 2013, after three years of efforts, Qifeng Fruit Industry has been opened the entire network sales channels, and finally do the PC to the Internet, as well as a complete coverage of mobile Internet marketing, B2B, B2C, C2C, O2O, and other forms of network sales model.Make a great contribution to the development of meixian economy and poverty alleviation work.

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