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The Best Seller At Home And Abroad Qifeng Kiwi Fruit At The Tenth Green Expo
Dec 01, 2017

On December 1, the 10th China green food expo was officially opened in nanchang greenfield national center.In line with the green food standard, qifeng fruit participated in the green expo.


It is reported,with the theme as"ecological civilization, green development", The expo attracted, Hungary, Latvia, Ukraine, moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia and more than 10 countries and 15 provinces and cities of the country's specialty products and green food enterprises exhibitors.

Qifeng kiwi fruit is completely in accordance with the requirements of green food, followed by global good agricultural practices and organic production standards at the planting end;


Set up the control plan of kiwi fruit farmers, carry out quality monitoring throughout the whole process, and carry out the inspection of agricultural residues in the center of west agricultural and large testing center, SGS testing center and other institutions to ensure the quality and safety of kiwis.

At present, qifeng kiwi fruit has been certified by organic product certification, GOLBAL G.A.P global good agricultural operation standard and ISO9001 quality management system certification.

With the constant improvement of the standardization level and quality of fruit, qifeng kiwi fruit has been exported to Russia, dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and other 9 countries and regions.

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