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Twelve Countries Visited The Qifeng Fruit Industry To Learn Standardized Production
Oct 20, 2017

On October 20, 2017, sponsored by the ministry of commerce, the national standardization management committee,"2017 developing nations food and agricultural products standardization official workshop" members entered the qifeng fruit industry for the investigation and study of the international standardization.


The workshops are from azerbaijan, Ecuador, grenada, Nigeria, South Africa, south Sudan, Sri Lanka, suriname, tonga, Turkey, Vietnam, and Zambia of 12 countries officials and 46 SiChuJi standardization  to attend the international training activities,The mission sampled exotic fruit from the mainland and inspected the company's safety lines and cutting-edge technologies that meet international standards.It is highly praised for the international standardized production level, scientific and technological achievements of qifeng fruit industry and the e-commerce operation mode that accords with the trend of The Times.


The successful holding of this activity shows the principle of adhering to international standards.for combining ecology and agriculture, to explore the local sustainable development, drive the people rich, has a constructive significance.We have strengthened exchanges and communication among developing countries, and we will continue to forge ahead in the development of the international road.


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