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Qifeng Fruit Industry Has Been Established For 20 Years, And Has Exported Kiwi To Nine Countries
Jul 15, 2017

IMG_7716_副本.jpgQifeng,founder of qifeng fruit company, recalled the company's development history,Qifeng fruit industry has been involved in the kiwi industry in 1997, and has been around for 20 years since 2017. Over the past 20 years, they focus on kiwifruit industry, from product distribution to the base construction, from the cooperative to agricultural enterprises, from the domestic market to export more than nine countries, witnessed the development and the rise of kiwifruit of China.

Qi feng said that in the future, his biggest dream and a lifelong career is to bring the Chinese kiwifruit to the world with the heart of make the people rich. In terms of planting, they will lead and help fruit farmers to grow better products through technological innovation.

In terms of marketing, New Zealand zespri kiwi fruit is the benchmark, they will strengthen the brand promotion, improve the supply system, make e-commerce sales and exports, Let more fruit growers get rich by kiwi fruit.

Qifeng fruit industry has become a national agricultural industrialization leading enterprise integrating the new technology of kiwi fruit and the introduction and promotion of new varietiesKiwifruit planting, kiwi technology training, kiwi purchase and storage sales, kiwi electronic commerce, kiwi export and sightseeing agriculture, In 2016, the turnover exceeded 300 million yuan, which is the largest number of kiwi fruit in China at present, the most complete of kiwi fruit industry system and the most influential and market competitive enterprises in kiwi.


More than 200 people attended the party, including government leaders, employees and partners


Qi feng, founder of qifeng fruit industry, introduced the next development plan

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