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Learn About The Types Of QiFeng Fruit
Apr 27, 2017


The most common type of kiwi in the markets is the green Hayward (though it will only be labeled “kiwifruit”). Other types may also be available in specialty markets. Here is a sampling of varieties of kiwi:

Green kiwi fruit--

Hayward: There are over 50 species of fruit that belong to kiwi’s genus, but by far the most common variety is the Hayward, which is green-fleshed and covered with brown fuzz. its flesh is soft, juicy, emerald green with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds, sour and sweet flavor, full-bodied fragrance.

Xuxiang: A kiwi fruit is ovals shaped, fuzzy, brown colored fruits. Each fruit measures approximately the size of large hen’s egg, and weighs up to 80g-160g; its flesh is soft, juicy, emerald green with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds. Fruit texture is similar to strawberry or sapodilla and the flavor resembles a blend of strawberry, apple and pineapple fruits. Green flesh, juicy, sour and sweet flavor, full-bodied fragrance,sweeter than Hayward type.

Cuixiang: Another kind of Green kiwifruit,it is ovals shaped,which is smaller than green Xu xiang kiwifruit,with smooth skin, weighs up to 80g-110g. “Cui xiang kiwifruit” resembles Xu xiang kiwifruit in skin color,texture,the skin color is brown,too. but usually has intense flavor and sweetness.its flesh is soft, juicy, emerald green with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds, too.Bright green flesh, sweet taste, full-bodied fragrance. In addition to the above advantages, its value is higher,the price is higher than Xuxiang and Cuixiang kiwi fruit.

Golden kiwi fruit—

Jinyan: Golden kiwifruit is a modern cultivar of kiwifruit that was developed intentionally a little less than 15 years ago. The difference between green kiwi and golden kiwi.If you look at a golden kiwi and a green kiwi together up close you will immediately see that there are significant differences on the outer appearance of each. The green kiwi is known for its fuzzy skin and oval shape. Golden kiwifruit has a thinner skin that is far smoother without any of the fuzz found on the original green variety.it is far sweeter than the tart green kind.Golden kiwi is also softer and almost mushy. Cutting golden kiwi into chunks and stirring in a fruit salad could cause it to break apart. It requires a gentler approach than the green kiwi.

Red kiwi fruit—

Hongyang:It's not like the green and yellow kiwi grown in a lot of countries. Red kiwifruit originates from China,the red kiwis typically have a smaller crop ,it's a very rare and uncommon variety. Indeed they are even better than the yellow flesh kiwi fruits!!! More sweet, juicy, softer, less astringent, with a nice strawberry flavour as well.The very fast growing climbing plants produce about 5 cm large egg-shaped fruits ,which are green brown on the outside and lightgreen on the inside with a creme-white center ,and a bright red ring arround the center. The slightly sour flavour has a very clear sweet undertone and lays between a green and a yellow kiwi qua flavour. Plant male and female plants because both are necessary to get fruits. This super decorative and attractive fruit can be used in salads, desserts, fruitsalads and a fruit or snack. It requires a gentler approach than the other kiwi.

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