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Management Of Kiwi In Summer
May 04, 2017


Management of kiwi in summer

1, fruit management: strict thinning, reasonable load. On the red sun kiwi requirements as far as possible not to use strong fruit hormones, must do a good job of fruit, in principle, with the inflorescence to leave fruit and sparse with the same fruit and tail fruit. Generally long branches stay 3-5, stay in the middle of 2-3, short leaves to stay 1-2 fruit. In order to grow a better quality of fresh fruit, conditional place, you can use bagging technology better. 15 days after pollination, spraying the second foliar fertilizer, still 0.3% urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate mainly with photosynthetic fertilizer and so on. Followed by spraying every 15 days, even Shi 5 times. Young fruit after the first stop to grow, with potassium and nitrogen as the main application of a strong fruit fertilizer.

2, foliage management: red sun than other varieties of thin and large leaves, less resistant to resistance, and thin branches easily folded. Strong winds, should always pay attention to tie and cited vine. Easy to be broken by the wind is the first two years of good results mother. In case of dry hot air, conditional place can spray water to the leaves, so as not to dry hot air scald leaves. Park should choose the leeward area, while strengthening the construction of shelterbelts, and gradually improve the microclimate, so that kiwi in warm and humid climate and climate.

3, summer pruning: in the bud, the first erase the location of inappropriate no buds, too dense buds, weak buds. After pollination, start topping. Topping the leaves of 15-25 leaves to pick off the top of the leaves of 3-4 leaves, more than 35 leaves of long branches, picking 4-6 leaves of the tip, after the new growth of the branches to be removed in time or Again topping. On the base of the branches or the location of the appropriate strong wangzhi should be appropriate long, culture into the results of the second year parent. According to the brains strong procedures, generally 2000px also to take the heart to promote flowers.

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