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Meixian Kiwi Fruit Was Favored At The 10th Ifresh Shanghai Asian Fruit Conference
Oct 24, 2017

On the morning of October 24, the 10th ifresh Asian fruit and vegetable industry exposition opened at the exhibition hall of Shanghai world expo.In the second floor of the exhibition hall, Many buyers and Shanghai residents stopped to taste the the Qifeng’s kiwi fruit from meixian county and the staff warmly introduced and recommended them.


Tenth iFresh Asian fruit and vegetable industry expo with "see not seen, accelerating era is coming" as the theme, set the national authoritative industry associations and media, product display, trade matching, peak BBS, optimal selection recommendation at an organic whole,which is committed to helping the quality integrity of fruit and vegetable growers at home and abroad, products processing enterprises and dealers to promote the products to big buyers, but also help grow, supporting technology and equipment providers will be advanced and efficient production concept and the method to show industry professionals, let everybody to witness the new era of fruit and vegetable.


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