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QF Kiwi Group Participated In The 2017 Yangling Marathon
Apr 14, 2017

April 9, 2017,"Qi Feng kiwi fruit group" participated in the 2017 Yangling Agricultural City Marathon.


Yangling Agricultural City Marathon is the only domestic agriculture-themed events and the the only Class A bronze medal in Shaanxi Province, which have wide range of participants, high degree of social concern. With a strong lineup and healthy sports style showed on Yangling marathon, "Qi Feng kiwi fruit group"  showing the style of Qi Feng fruit industry,meanwhile,this is the second time Qi Feng kiwi fruit group attended the Yangling marathon.


Members of "Qi Feng kiwi fruit group" all have a full of energy, full of enthusiasm,  they shouting "Meixian kiwi fruit with sweet and sour just right" slogan while running, attracted the audience attention and applause.

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