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Qi Feng Fruit Industry 3 Days’ Quantity Of Sale Reached 0.75million Kilograms
Sep 20, 2017

On September 14,Alibaba’s Tmall Fresh, Juhuasuan and qifeng fruit industry launched the Meixian county kiwi fruit to get a good start together, In just three days, 2.75 million kiwifruits has been sold, quantity of sale reached 75million kilogram, achieving a good start of the sales of the meixian county kiwi fruit which is also the highlight of the sales of kiwi fruit in meixian county.


juxunnong” is a sales activity that helped boost the sales of agricultural products by Alibaba, It aims to select the best and most typical agricultural products to be sold nationwide, Three days on-line kiwi sales reached to 0.75 million kilograms, to help 3000 farmers increased by 16%.

National leading enterprises drive the development of e-commerce, greatly enhance the visibility of Meixian kiwifruit

As the hometown of kiwifruit in China, meixian county has an area of 30.2 million mu, with an annual production capacity of 460,000 tons, and The unique natural environment makes it the world's rare kiwi delicacies. In recent years, the development of kiwi fruit in meixian has been promoted by e-commerce express and has been promoted by the national champion of qifeng fruit industry, both in terms of sales volume and popularity.

This time, the “juxunnong” activities have made the recognition of kiwi fruit in meixian county a new step.

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