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Qi Feng Fruit Industry Share The Qifeng Kiwi Fruit Digital Agriculture Construction Experience In The Provincial Fruit Industry Big Data Construction Conference.
Jan 17, 2018

On January 11, 2018, the provincial fruit industry big data construction site was held in luochuan, shaanxi province.The ministry of agriculture information secretary tang ke, the ministry of agriculture information center director xiao-bing wang, academician of Beijing academy of agricultural sciences' zhao chunjian and other leaders and provincial fruit industry enterprise, informatization related enterprises, more than 100 people attended the conference.


At the meeting, Qi feng, general manager of qifeng fruit industry, gave a report on the construction experience to all the fruit industry leaders and the provincial fruit enterprises, and Shared the qifeng digital agriculture project on the spot.


Qifeng fruit industry, which has been involved in the kiwi fruit industry since 1997, has developed into the leader of the whole industry chain of Chinese kiwi fruit.The rapid rise of Internet e-commerce has given qifeng the development of its wings.


The development of the Internet and modern agriculture cannot be separated from the support of big data.Qifeng started digital agriculture project in 2017, grow from order to order sales.whole journey through data analysis and processing, realize to the management of real-time data visualization, precision and automation of production equipment, plant management standardization, the traceability of product quality, marketing management of digitization, user operation and easy to use, efficient service platform.

Establishing agricultural big data internet traceability system, geographic information system from the orchard monitoring, prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests, to pick up management, fertilizer use data management and a complete coverage of fresh-keeping logistics, marketing and other links, agricultural big data internet traceability system make the whole process can be traced, and the quality of fruit and food safety can be solved comprehensively.

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