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Qi Feng Fruit Industry Won The National E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise
Aug 24, 2017

Qi Feng fruit industry won the "national e-commerce demonstration enterprises"

On August 10, the public announcement of the ministry of commerce 2017-2018 e-business demonstration enterprise was shortlisted in the list of 239 enterprises in China, including shaanxi qifeng fruit industry co., LTD.It is noteworthy that, Jingdong Mall, Meituan group, Xiaomi and other enterprises are also in the list.

Qi feng fruit industry is the largest Chinese kiwi fruit industry chain enterprise in China, focusing on kiwi fruit for 20 years.

At present, qifeng's kiwi fruit is popular at home and abroad, exporting to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, dubai, Indonesia, Taiwan and other nine countries and regions.


Rapid development of electronic commerce, covering the whole network distribution channel

In June 2013, Qi feng fruit industry began to dabble in e-commerce, after three years of hard work, qifeng fruit industry developing rapidly in e-commerce which has opened up the whole network sales channels,to do a complete coverage of the PC to the Internet and mobile Internet sales, B2B, B2C, C2C, O2O and other forms of network sales model.Including taobao, Tmall, jingdong, no. 1 store, suning tesco, Vipshop, likes, quantity, micro store and other network platforms.At present, it has become the strategic supply chain partner of alibaba group, jingdong group and pagoda.


Fully of honor, qifeng e-commerce sales target sales of 200 million yuan in 2017

Qifeng e-commerce successively honored as the top ten e-commerce demonstration enterprise of shaanxi, e-commerce demonstration enterprise of Shanxi Province, and also won the e-commerce Tmall fresh industry breakthrough award in 2016 and other honors. With the innovation model of Internet + modern agriculture, The general manager got the top ten role models for the three agriculture entrepreneurs on CCTV.In 2016, qifeng fruit industry completed 70 million turnover.In 2017, the sales target of qifeng fruit e-commerce company is 200 million.


The layout of the whole country, build the largest distribution center of agricultural products in northwest China

Qifeng e-commerce rely on national (Mei xian conunty) kiwi fruit industrial park, and 12 offline qifeng wholesale market of all country, the establishment of a mature logistics system, has now opened Mei xian county warehouse Shanghai warehouse, guangzhou warehouse, Sichuan warehouse and guangxi warehouse, and has successfully rookie into the cainiao sub-warehouse, To achieve rapid logistics transportation in cities and regions throughout the country,The strong packing and delivery team, with the daily shipments exceeding 30,000, greatly ensured the quick supply of fresh fruit.Qifeng fruit industry e-commerce based on the storage group of the industrial park, gradually building the kiwi industrial park into the largest agricultural logistics distribution center in northwest China.



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