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Qi Feng Kiwi Fruit Enters The Great Hall Of The People, Become The Focus Of World Kiwi Fruit Conference Press
Sep 21, 2017

On September 21, the kiwi press conference of shaanxi kiwi fruit industry development held in Beijing great hall of the people. The leaders of shaanxi province, baoji city, meixian county, famous Chinese kiwi experts, well-known entrepreneurs in Beijing and 50 media outlets attended the press conference.Shaanxi Qifeng fruit industry Co., Ltd. as the designated enterprise participation, qifeng kiwi fruit appearance in the great hall of the people,won the admiration of the participants.


General manager Mr.Qifeng in a media interview said that, qifeng fruit industry as a national leading enterprises, 20 years like a day, we will promote standardization of kiwi fruit planting, help farmers get rich, want to make qifeng kiwi fruit into a world brand.Qifeng kiwi fruit:Send invitations to the world.


Qifeng fruit industry Co., Ltd, Chinese kiwi fruit industry chain leading.In 20 years, the company has been adhering to the concept of "Better Planting,Better Fruit", aiming to bring "delicious nutrition and safety" to the global consumers.The entire kiwi fruit planting, picking, acquisition, storage, processing, transporting and selling all according to international standard operation, Qifeng fruit industry Co., Ltd. has obtained the orchard organic certification and Global G.A.P orchard certification certificate issued by the Swiss SGS, become the first domestic enterprise to obtain export eu qualified professional company,which is also obtained the organic product certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification.At present, qifeng kiwi fruit has been exported to 9 countries and regions including Russia, dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. 


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