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Qifeng Dragon Boat Team Participated In The Dragon Boat Race At Pingyang Lake,meixian County
Jun 19, 2018


On June 18,Qifeng dragon boat team participate in the meixian pingyang lake dragon boat race, which is the first dragon boat race in guanzhong zone.There are 20 dragon boat teams participating in the contest. The team of qifeng fruit dragon boat team has been working hard to present a wonderful dragon boat race, and let everyone have an impressive Dragon Boat Festival.


county magistrate Ye making the finishing point for Qifeng Fruit’s dragon boat


Before the race, Mr.Qi always cheer for the dragon boat team

The young men of qifeng dragon boat were all temporarily seconded from front-line jobs. After 20 days of intensive training, they were alive and kicking.On the day of the race, it rained heavily . But this did not stop the team spirit of the qifeng dragon boat team.They waved their OARS with all their might in the rain.


The dragon boat team held the lead in the 200m group phase


Qifeng fruit cheerleading team in the rain, become the beautiful scenery of pingyang lake

Qi feng fruit cheerleading team, is the only cheerleading team in the hall, full of vitality cheerleading girls, in order to cheer qi feng dragon boat team members.


The enthusiasm of the overflow is not affected by the bad weather at all, and the enthusiasm of jumping up in the rain to cheer the members of the dragon boat team.In the heavy rain, the girls' voices soared into the sky, touching the hearts of many onlookers.

The cheerleading team of qifeng fruit industry has become a beautiful scenery on pingyang lake.

Together, rushed to enthusiastically, qifeng people pursued beyond the spirit of dragon boat racing, in qifeng rewards of 21 years history, though way setback, but it is precisely because qifeng spirit support, to stay ahead in the industry.

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