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Qifeng Fruit Baoji Specialty Pavilion On-line Start Ceremony
Apr 19, 2017

qifneg kiwifruit

April 18, Baoji City Bureau of Commerce, Meixian People's Government, Meixian County Bureau of Commerce, Meixian County Bureau of Agriculture, kiwi (Meixian) National Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Suning Tesco, Shaanxi Qifeng Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. jointly organized the Suning Tesco China specialty Pavilion—Baoji specialty Pavilion on-line start ceremony .

qifeng fruitqifeng fruit

Suning Tesco is one of the three major B2C business platform in China,and which is the only one of the physical stores and online shopping site of large retail platform. "Consumers can taste Baoji kiwi fruit in the Baoji Kiwi counter Pavilion experience area in Suning Life Square store,they can use mobile phone scanning orders and they will deliver the goods within 6 hours after ordered, to ensure that buyers can enjoy the fresh and delicious Baoji kiwi fruit the next day after ordered, vice-general manager said. This year, Suning Tesco and Baoji specialty Pavilion,and Qifeng fruit industry Co.Ltd will jointly organize the "Chinese kiwi picking Festival" and other related activities.

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