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Qifeng Fruit Industry Attracted Much Attention In The World Kiwi Fruit Conference
Oct 13, 2017


The sixth China (Meixian) kiwi fruit industry development World conference held on October 13 in conference and exhibition center in Meixian county ,the theme of conference "let the world share the delicious kiwi fruit", gathered the country 28 provinces, and 86 experts and scholars , industry experts from 16 countries abroad, many domestic fruit industry giants and merchants from 27 countries and regions in the world on behalf of a total of more than 1200 people took part in the event.


During the meeting, qifeng fruit industry and jingdong group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on production and marketing of kiwi fruit.

On 13 morning, The general manager Mr. Qifeng and jingdong fresh xiao-fei li signed kiwi fruit production and marketing strategic cooperation agreement, jingdong group launched unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) picking at the same time, from qifeng kiwi fruit base to convention and exhibition center, it takes only 3 minutes.Since September 2016, Qifeng Fruit Industry and jingdong group reached a strategic cooperation agreement, with the high quality goods and stable products supply chain, as well as the key cities in the country to establish warehouse rection jingdong 8 points, greatly improved the online shopping experience.At present, qifeng kiwi fruit has been firmly established as the first brand of kiwi fruit sales in JD platform.


After visiting qifeng fruit industry, all the customers strengthened the confidence of cooperation.

As a leading enterprise of Chinese kiwi fruit industry, qifeng fruit industry has attracted much attention at this conference.Leaders at all levels, the guests, industry experts, industry elite at home and abroad,As well as many outstanding enterprise representatives have visited qifeng fruit industry, including qifeng fruit industry standardization planting base, standardized processing sorting workshop,They all gave a very high evaluation of qi feng fruit industry.After the visit, many of the old customers of qifeng fruit industry said that they had strengthened the confidence of the cooperation, and some new customers even reached the cooperative purchase intention with qifeng fruit industry on the spot.

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