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Qifeng Fruit Industry Launched The Exclusive Dealer Model To Build China's Agricultural First Brand
Dec 11, 2017


On the morning of December 11th, the opening ceremony of the exclusive dealer of qifeng fruit industry in wenzhou was held in the green fruit industry of the fruit wholesale market in louqiao.Qifeng fruit industry officially awarded the bronze medal of wenzhou exclusive dealer.The green fruit industry has read the advantages and policies of qifeng kiwi fruit in wenzhou market.


Qi zhe, chief marketing director of qifeng fruit industry, shares the 20 years development history of qifeng fruit industry and new ideas for future development.Always talked about, in 20 years of focus and insistence, qifeng fruit industry has completed the kiwi strategic layout of the whole industry chain, walked out of a collection of kiwi fruit agricultural materials, cultivation, acquisition, storage, sorting, packaging, transportation, sales in the integration of the whole industry chain road, in the national key city layout 18 retail wholesale market stalls and 18 entities.This year, qifeng fruit focus on the brand construction,start the exclusive distributor mode, hope that through cooperate with powerful companies like luyuan fruit as the exclusive dealer, We will work together to let the world fall in love with qifeng kiwi fruit.


This wenzhou exclusive dealer launch ceremony, after taiyuan market, qifeng fruit industry held exclusive dealer opening ceremony for the second time.At present, six dealers have signed exclusive dealer cooperation agreement with qifeng fruit industry.After this, qifeng fruit industry will be have exclusive distributor launch ceremony in nanning, zhengzhou and other places , The company will fully open the exclusive distribution of qifeng kiwi fruit in the national market, and qifeng fruit industry will do its best to promote the product brand, which will make Qifeng fruit the first brand of Chinese agriculture.

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