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Qifeng Kiwi, A Magical Oriental Fruit
Jan 26, 2018

Qifeng Kiwi, a magical oriental fruit

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, known as "the king of VC." Its superb nutritional value and sweet sour taste makes it be regarded as the king of fruit on consumers ‘dining-table.

China, the birthplace of kiwi fruit in the world.

In 1904, an Elizabethan priestess from New Zealand, traveled to China and discovered the kiwi originated in Qinling area of China. Then she brought the seeds back to New Zealand for cultivation. Because the hairy outlook is similar to New Zealand national bird kiwi, so it was named after kiwi.


China, a big planting country, rich varieties and resources

In the world, there are more than 30 countries planting kiwi, with acreage reached 547.5 acres. The planting area in China exceeds 3,825,000 Mu, take 70% of the world's total. Chinese kiwi has not only larger planting area, higher yield, but also rich variety resources, including red heart, yellow heart and green heart kiwi fruit. Their taste is not the same, to meet the taste request of people in different regions and different ages. At present, the most popular varieties in the world are: Cuixiang, Xu Xiang, Hayward, Hongyang, Jin Yan and so on.


Qifeng Kiwi, a magic fruit gifted by Nature

Qifeng Kiwi is the leader of kiwi brand in Chinese full industrial chain. It is from the birthplace of the world kiwifruit - Meixian County, Shaanxi Province. That is located at the north foot of China’s Great Qinling Mountains. It is a rare kiwi growing area in the world, the unique natural conditions make a contribution to Qifeng Kiwi’s nutrition and delicious. Qifeng Kiwi is nourishing by 27 layers of mineral of the Taibai Mountain snowmelt. With the Weihe alluvial plain fertile mineral soil, every Qifeng Kiwi can absorb more nutrients.80% of cultivated land in whole Mei County are planted kiwifruit. Pure and pollution-free environment together with the 15 ℃ big temperature differences, that contributes to Qifeng Kiwi "perfect sour-sweet taste”.


Standard production, Qifeng Kiwi reached international standard

If said that the natural endowment makes Qifeng Kiwi nutritious and delicious, then the standardization of operational procedures make sure the stable quality. During the whole growth process,Qifeng Kiwi are in full compliance with global good agricultural practice, got the GLOBAL GAP certification; By means of the world's leading storage technology and standardization of sorting equipment, it makes    Qifeng Kiwi reach the international standards and achieved SIO9001 quality Management System Certification.


Qifeng Kiwi,widely acclaimed by purchasers. Aims at entering European market in 2018

Qifeng Kiwi, with good taste, good quality, high standardization and price advantage, is well praised by consumers and buyers around the world. Each year, Qifeng Kiwi is at the eve of the harvest season, the clients will place their purchasing orders in advance. At present, Qifeng Kiwi has been exported to Russia, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan, more than 10 countries and regions in all. It has been the most exported kiwi brand in China. 

In 2018, Qifeng Kiwi is to enter the European market. From 2 to 7 Feb., we will attend the International Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition in Berlin, Germany.The booth number of Qifeng Fruit Industry is Hall:7.2a Stand:B-03, Warmly welcome visitors and clients to come and discuss cooperation.


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