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Qifeng Kiwi Fruit Signed A Ten Million Order On CCTV-7
Mar 12, 2018

CCTV-7 "food was big wheel", qifeng kiwi fruit PK New Zealand kiwi fruit on site, and Qifeng kiwi win T-mall fresh, fruit fresh and He Ma Fresh orders for a total of 12 million yuan, qifeng kiwi brand founder Mr Qifeng also won the "national food star".


Good taste, good quality, and high degree of standardization, the price also has the advantage,this sweet taste and stable quality kiwi fruit moved three buyers in the end, After making a million large orders with Fruit Fresh and He Ma Fresh, T-mall derectly given "a ten million big orders".In fact, the kiwi fruit come from Meixian county,one of the best kiwi planting area in China,is not only a fruit, but also represents the Chinese heart, the Chinese kiwi fruit industry.


After all, why did qi feng's kiwi fruit exceed the taste of New Zealand's kiwi fruit, capture the hearts of three big boss, and take tens of millions of orders?

Good birth: good mountain, good water, good fruit.

Qifeng kiwi fruit is originated from taibai mountain, the main peak of the great qinling mountains, shaanxi meixian county, which is the recognized kiwi fruit best planting area in the world.Qifeng kiwi fruit grew up drinking taibai mountain snow water, plus the wei river alluvial plain, fertile soil, and the pure environment and the temperature difference up to 15°between day and night, just created qifeng kiwi acid sweet just the right taste.


Planting: scientific planting, cultivating carefully.

Using organic fertilizer, biological insecticide technology, real-time growth data monitoring, comprehensive care.

The kiwi fruit is fully ripe and the sugar reaches the standard to be picked.To this end, qifeng fruit industry specially set up "the peach protect team", patrolling the kiwi fruit picking season, to prevent early harvest, to ensure the taste and quality of qifeng kiwi fruit.


Technology: international first-class equipment, multiple think tank team.

In 2012, to get rid of the standardization of products, the introduction of the French  Mav Full Automatic Kiwi Sorting Production Line, with daily capacity of 300 Tons and yearly throughput over 20,000 Tons,for the filtered kiwi fruit size, weight and injuries, coupled with the use of folding box machine brought from Spain and Sinclair automatic labeling machine from Britain , The production process of qifeng kiwi fruit has reached international standard.

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