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Qifeng Kiwi Or Zespri Kiwi?
Apr 17, 2017


April 8 morning, 840,000 New Zealand kiwi arrived in Shanghai, New Zealand kiwi first priority supply in China,And compared with New Zealand kiwi , what is the advantage about Qi Feng kiwi?


The following is the advantages of Qi Feng kiwi:

1. The kiwi fruit originated in China, hayward is already very old varieties, our range of green kiwi fruit is to upgrade, both from the appearance and taste.with the best quality,our kiwis are very popular in foreign countries.

2. We have longer supply period, from September to may the following year;

3. Our shipping date is short, only need 10 days  after you confirm the order;

4.We can customize the service according to the customer's request;

When came up a better supplier,i believe you will make the right decisions

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