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Shaanxi Healthy Agricultural Products Recommend Meixian Kiwis To Global Consumers
Sep 26, 2017

On September 26, More than 30 provincial mainstream media journalists, network experts, and citizens' representatives made up the "healthy produce shaanxi tour group",Visited the kiwi fruit planting base, production workshop, electrical workshop, the brand's flagship store and qinling ecological farm of Shaanxi Qifeng kiwi fruit industry Co., Ltd., understand qifeng fruit industry in the protection of the quality and safety of kiwi fruit, helps the farmers' get rich, the branding, Agricultural products e-commerce, the channel construction of new measures and new achievements.


The quality and safety of agricultural products is the consensus of all circles.The visiting group is thumb up for qifeng fruit industry.


After visiting qifeng's standardized processing and sorting workshop, and standardized kiwi fruit planting show base,"Sweet and sour, this is the real kiwi fruit." we experienced the kiwi fruit picking and tasting of the kiwi fruit, and everyone said.

Meixian is the best planting area for kiwi fruit, Weihe alluvial plain fertile soil fertility, with taibai mountain snow water nourish, coupled with diurnal temperature difference is big, Make the unique taste and nutrition of meixian kiwi fruit .


General manager Qifeng said that , in addition to this natural conditions make the qifeng kiwi fruit of good taste, qifeng citrus planting link from the sources, picking storage link, sorting processing, transportation, sales link to hold all the way, to ensure the quality of kiwi fruit on the palate, and the security of the fruit.


Qi always said that qifeng fruit industry construction of more than 5000 mu of its own standardized kiwifruit planting base in meixian , and in the whole county to promote the standardized planting of kiwi fruit,to ensure the quality of fruit from the source.Using "orchard managed" and "order agriculture" mode of operation, provide high-quality agricultural materials, by giving farmers farming fertilizer, and provide free farm machinery agricultural extension service, guiding farmers to kiwi service standardization planting, building safety fruit planting base, Make the healthy development of the kiwifruit industry.


During the planting of kiwi, harmful drugs such as pesticides and bulking agents were not used;the sugar, dry matter and other indexes of the kiwi fruit were detected before picking, and the acquisition was determined after maturity, so as to prevent early picking and early picking.After picking, After the on-line pre-cooling, hair removal, sorting and so on 18 processes, eliminate the unbalance of the kiwi body, the damaged skin of the skin, ensure the quality of the fruit, consumers can be assured to buy and eat.

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