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Shaanxi Meixian: Kiwi Brand Value Of 9.828 Billion Yuan
Jan 05, 2017

kiwi fruit

December 2016, by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, China Central Television Support, China Brand Construction Association, Economic Daily, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Assets Evaluation Association, China Association of high-quality agricultural products development and other Social groups jointly sponsored the "2016 China Brand value evaluation information conference "held in Beijing International Trade Hotel.

Meixian kiwi brand value reached 9.828 billion yuan, in the 52 primary agricultural products geographical indication products in the regional brand ranked 16th.

The brand evaluation results include the enterprise brand, product brand, the old Chinese brand, regional brand and independent innovation brand five types, industry covers agriculture, manufacturing, service industry.

In recent years, Meixian vigorously implement the "agricultural brand" strategy, closely around the "scale, quality, extension chain, tree brand, extension of the market, security" development ideas, and constantly promote the kiwi industry scale, standardization, brand And internationalization process, and strive to create Meixian kiwi international brand. Up to now, the county kiwi planted area of 30 million mu, the county kiwi total output of 460,000 tons, the output value of 2.9 billion. Meixian kiwi to high quality, fruit type of beauty, unique flavor, the industrial system is sound, the market reputable and many other advantages, in this brand value evaluation come to the fore.

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