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Apr 23, 2017


Available predominantly in the spring and summer, Kiwi are featured in many of our summertime gift baskets.




Even though kiwi fruitis native to northern and eastern China, especially in Shaanxi Province.Roughly the size of an egg, the kiwi is a little unnerving at first glance. Covered in a brown fuzzy skin, the flesh is a vibrant green with tiny black edible seeds around the center. The juicy flavor is predominantly sweet, with a slight touch of acidity and tartness. Kiwi make an excellent addition pureed in juices and smoothies, alongside fish and and even in other white meats. Kiwi can be refrigerated to slow down their ripening, keeping them fresh for as long as a month, or placed on your counter to get them soft and flavorful within a couple days.

kiwifruit company

A ripe kiwi will give to gentle pressure, without being overly wrinkled or jelly-like. They can be ripened in a brown paper bag left on your counter for a day or two, or maintained before they’re ripe in a refrigerator for up to a month. Even though the fuzzy skin is edible, most people prefer to peel the skin, and eat the green flesh and tiny black seeds. Kiwi can be easily dried for a shelf stable snack, or pureed or diced and added to other food dishes.

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