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T-mall Fresh Team Came To Qifeng Fruit Industry To Discuss Cooperation In New Season
Jul 18, 2018

July 16, 2018, The manager of T-mall fresh Wu ling and his team came to Qifeng Fruit Industry Co., Ltd, They visited the planting base and Agriculture&e-commerce company and standardized factory of Qifeng Fruit Industry.At the symposium, Qifeng’s e-commerce team and the T-mall team discussed the cooperation in the new season. The t-mall expert team made a customized promotion plan for the Qifeng e-commerce team.


As the home of Chinese kiwi fruit and kiwi fruit standardization production demonstration area and the only pollution-free kiwi fruit of science and technology demonstration county, Meixian kiwi fruit has great advantages in the geographical environment, various resources, government support.


In recent years, The kiwifruit industry in meixian is developing rapidly, especially rely on "Internet +" platform such as Alibaba, accelerated the kiwifruit industry transformation and upgrading, and also promoted qifeng kiwifruit sales and brand awareness of ascension.


In September last year, T-mall fresh and Qifeng fruit industry jointly organized the "gathering of farmers’ 3000 hope under taibai mountain" activity,the net sales of qifeng kiwi fruit reached 7,500,000kg in 3 days, opened the meixian online sales of kiwi fruit,Help meixian 3000 fruit farmers increase revenue by 15%, also win a good reputation in the fruit industry.

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