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There Are Three Major Kiwi Producing Areas In China
Apr 05, 2017

Born in the hillside forest or shrub, some garden cultivation. Kiwi in the country have three major producing areas: First, Henan Fu Niushan, Tongbai Mountain, Dabie Mountains; Second, Shaanxi Qinling Mountains; Third, the western part of Hunan Province.

        Kiwifruit suitable growth conditions are as follows: (a) temperature kiwi in the annual average temperature of 10 ℃ above the region can grow, but the annual average temperature of 15 ~ 18.5 ℃, the extreme maximum temperature of 33.3 ~ 41.4 ℃, July average The maximum temperature of 30 ~ 34 ℃, the average temperature of 4.5 ~ 5 ℃ in January, the accumulated temperature in the 4 500 ~ 5 200 ℃, frost-free period of 210 ~ 290 days the most appropriate area. (B) light kiwi different age period, the demand for light different. Seedling period shade, fear of high temperature strong sunshine. Sunshine should be more than 1,900 hours. (C) water kiwifruit ideal area of annual precipitation of 1 200 ~ 2 000 mm, the relative humidity of about 80%. Alpine fog, perennial humidity, the growth of kiwi is ideal. (4) Altitude from the elevation of 40 ~ 2 000 meters of the area can be cultivated to 1,000 meters below the ideal. Elevation above 2 000 meters.


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