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Uses Of Kiwi Fruit
Apr 25, 2017


The kiwi originated in China and was once known as the Chinese gooseberry. it is mostly used for food. It is also used for medicinal purposes and for a variety of other purposes.

Kiwi fruit nutrition

1.Kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, B6, B12, E, and potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. These contribute collectively to the proper functioning of the body such as blood circulation through the vessels, fight stress, iron absorption for healthy bones and teeth, good vision, etc.

2.The high levels of potassium, 312 mg per 100 grams, help in maintaining blood pressure whereas magnesium helps in the nerve and muscle functions. Kiwis are high in vitamins and minerals.

3.Kiwifruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, a water soluble vitamin, proven to boost the immune system, fight effects of stress and aging, and aid in wound healing.One kiwifruit contains about as much vitamin C as 6 ounces of orange juice.

4.Kiwis are also a good source of potassium, containing more than a banana. Potassium in an important mineral in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance.

5.Other Uses

Kiwi--both fresh and powered--is widely used as a meat tenderizer. Kiwi is often used in sports drinks because of the taste and nutritional value. Several nutritional supplements start as kiwi fruit. 

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