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Qifeng Qiaoguo Walked Into The Headquarters Of Jingdong Group,Internal Purchasing Attract A Lot Of Fans
Dec 26, 2017


On December 26, qifeng fruit industry large purchase was held in Beijing jingdong group headquarters, the scene attracted thousands of employees of jingdong.With good taste and excellent quality, qifeng kiwi fruit is the best seller of fresh kiwi fruit on jingdong platform.In order to ensure the quality and taste of qifeng kiwi fruit,conform to the jingdong advocated the concept of quality life at the same time, qifeng and jingdong have set up warehouse in eight cities across the country , Distribution of products from the warehouse, greatly improved the online shopping experience.And, in collaboration with jingdong fresh straight through origin, established the origin of luochuan apple, korla fragrant pear, hami melon in xinjiang, and other fruit specialty, let the Internet users can enjoy the authentic local fruits and also enjoy the high cost performance of products and the service of high-quality online shopping.


As supply chain partners,this purchasing activity in jingdong group is an exclusive benefits to jingdong employee , At the same time, it is also a brand promotion activity for qifeng fruit industry to establish in-depth communication with consumers.This year, it is the year of Chinese brands and the year of the qifeng fruit industry,too.In 2017, qifeng fruit industry will provide products and supply chain, at the same,strengthen brand construction,cooperated with Beijing shangyu consulting company,adopted a new brand and visual system, pay attention to emotional common between brands and consumers, to create qifeng kiwi fruit the first brand for Chinese agriculture.

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